Blackmore Vale Cycling Club


Ride Report- Stalbridge to Cattistock

Saturday 24 November 2018

Would you ‘Adam and Eve’ it – I managed to walk the dogs from 8.00 to 9.30 this morning without a drop of rain falling, but after a swift change of clothes and setting off to Thyme after Time Café at 9.45, a lightish rain raised its ugly head – proving the forecast of a constant drizzle for the day.

Members present at the start were Chairman Paul, Keith, Jackie and Martin, Ron, Ben, Mary and Ed.  Severe pruning at 10.30 left only 5 of us setting off – Paul, Keith, Jackie and Martin electing to return home and miss all the excitement of the ride. Martin and Jackie had just returned from a holiday in Vietnam and Cambodia, so understandably had some ‘jet lag’ sleep to catch up on. Paul and Keith just disliked miserable conditions.

The hardy 5 pedalled through Stourton and Bishops Caundle, heading for Leigh where Ben decided to return to Yeovil.

The rest of the ride was very damp, very miserable and decidedly worth forgetting. The only highlights were:-

  • Pete and Nicky joined us at Frome St Quentin
  • Ed (bless him) punctured 2 miles before reaching the lunch stop
  • Lucy at the Cattistock Cafe was very welcoming with home made soup, quiches and baguettes stuffed with brie and bacon
  • The steep hill up towards Cerne Abbas had Ed walking the last short section due to a fluffed gear change

The last of the soaking journey had us plodding on through Middlemarsh, Glanvilles Wotton, Holwell, Stock House, Lydlinch and Bagber crossroads.
Where I covered the last mile to Stalbridge, Ed and Ron rode 3 miles to Marnhull and Mary as usual (bless her as well) had to deal with the last 12 miles to Shaftsbury.

As I said before, the ride was worth forgetting, but as one of a ride leaders duties is to compile a report on the days events, this issue will be forgotten and consigned to history in the BVCC archives!!

Many thanks to the other brave (or dumb) riders who completed – Mary, Ed, Ron, Pete and Nicky.
Great to get into warm, dry clothing.

Damp Charlie Porter


Ride Report – Gillingham to Crockerton

Saturday 17 November 2018

On an overcast and chilly morning I arrived at Orchard Park to find Richard already sat drinking his tea. He immediately quizzed me on which route I was taking and on the mention of Longleat decided that he would make his own way to lunch. For a short while it was looking if I would be riding on my own, but I was them joined by Ron, Roger, Lorraine and finally by Mike P and Charlie.

Lorraine said she was going to visit Robin and Sally so the remaining five of us set off via the backways of Gillingham to Milton and on towards Wolverton only to hear the cry puncture from Charlie.  Apparently his new big 35mm tyres are not immune to punctures, so the three of us stood and watched as Charlie changed his own inner tube for once and Ron assisted by extracting  a large thorn from the tyre.

By the time we reached Kilmington the sky stated to clear and the sun came out although there was still a biting edge to the wind. After the long run down Gare Hill we turned right and headed for Longleat where we passed giant mushrooms and dinosaurs among many other strange figures.    Apparently this was all part of the Festival of Lights but I must say it loses most of it appeal in daylight. We left Longleat by the front drive and on through Horningsham, Shearwater and on to our lunch venue at Crockerton Garden Centre where we found Richard waiting.

After a good lunch and as Charlie had to get back to walk his dogs before dark, I decided we would take the shortest route back to Gillingham over Mere Down.  Richard decided to make his own way home via Maiden Bradley, while we set off via the Deverill’s and the very long climb over Mere Down. After a speedy decent into Mere we them maintained fast pace to Gillingham and home.
A 61Km (37.9m) ride and I didn’t manage to loose anybody.

David Matten

Ride Report – Mere to Shepton Montague

Saturday 10 November 2018

As usual I cheated and went by car to Hunters Lodge only to be rumbled by Ron who was cycling.
The wet weather has hardly come as a surprise and heavy showers were forecast so I was well pleased to see Nicky, Peter, Ron, Dave, Mary, Ben at Hillbrush plus the well curried Richard and Jim who were not intending doing the ride. At 10.25 the heavens opened so we waited a while but being so incredibly keen we started in the rain. Having decided to shorten the route we made for Zeals where Dave left to practice his marching for Sunday’s Memorial Service. Through Stourhead, Gasper with fab Autumn colours, Penselwood where I sent Ben the wrong way, Charlton Musgrove then up to Knole Rock where the downhill into Shepton Montague is diabolical. More rain started so we decided to go into the Montague Arms for soup by a much needed log burner. Quite correctly Ron knew that Margaret’s fare would be better so left for home.
The remaining trio came home via Wincanton after a damp but enjoyable ride. Oh, and I was home in time to see the big race from Wincanton. Result!!
Ed Highnam

Ride Report – Gillingham to Tisbury

There were 10 riders at Orchard Park for the ride to Tisbury. Martin and Jackie, Jill and Roger, Dave M, Lorraine, Mike A,Jim, Ron and Mary.

After coffee and the customary group photo we set off into Gillingham, Jim decided he was doing his own thing and Lorraine was going to call on Sally and Robin. So 8 of us headed down Gillingham High Street then up Bay road towards West Knoyle where Roger turned back for home just before we started the steep climb up to the A303 turn off. Then a nice down hill on smooth tarmac to cross the A350 and into Hindon. We followed the “undulating” road via Berwick St Leonard, Fonthill Bishop, Chilmark and Teffont Magna before turning back towards Upper and Lower Chicksgrove and into Tisbury.We arrived at the Boot Inn on schedule at 12.45. We were served Real Ale straight from the barrel and an array of soup and Ciabatta rolls on a big table by a roaring open fire. The staff were very accomodating and there was much lively conversation and laughter. Suitably refreshed we headed down the High Street and right onto the climb up to Tuckingmill and Newtown which was hard going straight after lunch. After that it was a straightforward run via Pythouse and Semley to the top of Motcombe where we split up and Mary, Mike and Dave headed back to Gillingham and Jackie, myself, Jill and Ron went through Motcombe out past the Showground and across to the A30 via Lox Lane. At the Kings Arms Jill and Ron turned towards Stour Row and Marnhull while Jackie and I carried on to East Stour. A shortish ride of about 35 miles but the weather was kind to us with no rain and a pleasant riding temperature. No punctures just one gear selection problem which didn’t hold us up. A nice day out thanks to everyone for coming.

Martin Fortis

Ride Report – Spire Hill to Cheselbourne

The ten riders who met at Time After Thyme included the original ride leader but unfortunately Roger was still suffering from a cold and did not feel able to led. I had been primed that this might happen so I had come armed with a map. We set off under blue skies through Staunton Caundle and on to Bishops Caundle where we came across the hunt gathering for their ride, horses everywhere! Onwards through Glanvilles Wootton and Mapowder (where Ed left us) then down the beautiful plush valley -does anyone know what the “chimney” in the middle of the field is? Unfortunately this road leads down to Piddletrenthide and Cheseslbourne is in the next valley across, so we had a long hill to climb, helped by the strong tailwind, fantastic views and knowing that lunch was getting closer.

A warm welcome awaited us in the River Arms and we ate our lunch in the warm and sunny conservatory but by the time we left the skies had clouded over and the cold wind was now in our faces. A right turn in Cheselbourne took the edge of the wind and following the narrowest of lanes we emerged at Ansty. Here I had thought of going up over Bullbarrow where we could have enjoyed the views and the fantastic descent, but bearing in mind the change in the weather I decided to stick to the lower roads with high hedges to give us some shelter from the wind. Hazelbury Bryan, Sturminster Newton, and Bagber Common; Jill turned right to Marnhull and the rest of us continued straight on back to Stalbridge.

Thanks to Charlie, Dave, Ben, Mike A, Peter, Nicky and Jill for following me.

Mary Emerson-Reed

Ride Report – Wincanton to Wells???

Saturday 20 October 2018

The omens were not good for Saturday’s ride!!

  1. Richard N rang me on Friday evening – he couldn’t lead the ride due to a stinking cold – he would also miss Sunday’s AGM.He had decided to convalesce this weekend as he is going on holiday to India on Tuesday and hoped that the extra 3 days confined to barracks would improve his contagious state!
  2. Weatherwise, Saturday started off badly. Leaving Stalbridge at 09.00, the 2 Mikes and Myself faced a cold miserable fog that numbed the fingers and fogged up the spectacles
  3. Just south of the Lonesome Pine, Mike A punctured, but with cold digits and unwanted interference from ‘back seat drivers’, it took him 20 long minutes to rectify this setback. Ed caught us just as Mike was tidying up!

We arrived at Cale Park Café at 10.15 to find Ron and Ben already there – warming up. As we waited and waited for the food and drink, which seems to be the only fault with this newly discovered watering hole, a discussion indicated that Wells was out of the question – the new destinations being either Sparkford Museum or Rose’s at Chapel Cross.   Rose’s won!

Ron was press ganged into leading the 6 of us as he was in familiar territory, but delegated the report writing to me as we set off into the cold foggy conditions.  By 11.30 the fog had lifted, producing a beautiful sunny sky and uplifting our spirits at last.

Ron led the way from the front using his vast knowledge of the countryside, taking us on a round about route to Sparkford then to South Cadbury. Rose’s was open and she welcomed us with open arms as she took the order for 6 soups complete with Focaccia bread impregnated with her special embellishments – plus 6 teas. With a distinct prod from Ron after our extended stay, we bid Rose a fond farewell, Ben turning right at Blackford and the rest of us climbing the hill to Charlton Horethorne.

With a modification to the normal route home, Ron took us back through Milborne Port, Goats Hill and Stourton Caundle. At Thornhill, Ron and Ed left us for Marnhull, leaving the 3 m’s (Mikes Pain and Anyan and Me) to struggle the last one mile to Stalbridge.
Approx 40 miles covered today instead of the planned 65 miles to Wells.

In the end, an enjoyable ride with all participants being of similar fitness – except for Mike Pain of course, who plans on riding 450 miles in 30 hours to Stirling- yes Stirling in Scotland in November to attend the Audax annual gathering. Utterly bonkers!

Charlie Porter

Ride Report – Stalbridge to Wincanton

Saturday 13 October 2018

Sheltering in a Hawthorn hedge from a heavy rain shower, less than 4 miles from home, I wished fervently that no one would come to the start at Spire Hill. They always do…..Dave, Ron, Charlie, Mary, Paul and Richard all caught in the showers on the way, yet ready to go cycling. I had prepared the ride meticulously, even reconnoitering it on Tuesday, something I never do, but I planned to thwart those laughing at such a “short ride” by wriggling around less used lanes and showing autumn colours, distant views and some good swoops down. It began well, although Richard won’t mind me saying, he quickly became my unofficial back marker. I mention this as it is relevant later on the ride. Jackets off after the swoop down and up from Purse Caundle, even my “Baggy knickers over-trousers” modelled on Mike P’s, were removed.
In Milborne Port we passed the Gainsborough – an old 11’s haunt. The refurbished outside looked smart, it is a free house too – good to know it didn’t succumb to a building application. On through pretty Milborne Wick, where I often feel I am on a holiday tour, across to Stowell, then in Charlton Horethorne a new lane. We took the right turn half way through the village and wound round to a well surfaced lane which emerged a couple of miles later, in Maperton. Next down to Holton, right to Higher Holton and under the A303. A drag up the ridge rewarded us with a panoramic view, across to Glastonbury Tor. After photos and chatting we set off down-hill fast. Now bear in mind Ron and Mary, well known fast descenders were present. At the bottom of the hill we reached the A371 Wincanton to Castle Cary road. I hesitated, no traffic, Richard next to me – my previously mentioned unofficial back marker. So I crossed diagonally to the Bratton Seymour lane. Thinking everyone was behind me. Only Dave was it seems. Big mistake – with hindsight – I did not look back but enjoyed a dramatic swoop down for 2 miles. Dave Richard and I waited at the Wincanton turning. We waited, and waited. I took out my phone in case there was a call for a puncture. A message from Charlie sprang out – which way did you go at the cross roads? Meanwhile kind hearted Richard had gone back up the hill to look. Dave phoned him – no his phone is not switched on. After last time I led a ride “make a decision you are the leader” reverberated back at me. So I did, Dave and I went to the Cale Park Café where Mary, Paul and Charlie were, Ron having gone home to see the last Cycle Race of the season. Eventually Richard arrived at the Café. I was absolutely mortified with embarrassment. How can you lose 4 riders on a down-hill?
After lunch we pedaled in warm sunny but excessively windy conditions. Not right up to Cucklington, but sneaked round Shanks to Marsh Lane, then on to Templecombe. The short cut round the end of the Gartell Railway was muddy but passable. By now only Mary, Charlie, Paul and me, so another decision – tea and beer at Henstridge Golf course seemed an excellent idea. After tea, back via Stalbridge and Cox Hill, where Mary suggested we should put lights on in the gloomy conditions – I was on my Van Nicolas – no lights, so that might be its last outing (plus how muddy it had become making me unpopular…).
So 49 miles after a sobering realisation that I am no longer reliable as a leader, and several more lessons – always look back at junctions, keep your phone switched on and give up leading rides. I loved the view of Glastonbury though……

Jill Halton

Ride Report – Stourhead Mystery Tour

Saturday 6 October 2018

Driving rain and a strong headwind all the way to Stourhead did not bode well for the rest of the day’s ride. I arrived at Stourhead just after Ron and Charlie who quickly disappeared into the gents to dry their hands (and gloves and hats!)
No queue in the restaurant but plenty of staff kicking their heels as it was supposed to be a busy day with free entry and “The Big Draw” (not a raffle -something to do with art).  The decision had already been made -the Mystery Ride would remain a mystery….. We all cycled home.

Mystery Ride -Take 2

Sunday was a beautiful day for cycling so a group of us met at Henstridge. For some reason it was assumed that I would lead a ride, so Charlie, Paul, Lorraine and Richard followed me to Bailey Ridge where a café hides in a poly-tunnel behind the plant nursery.  The limited menu made the choice of bacon sandwiches all round an easy one, and they arrived promptly as we were the only customers. Very pleasant surroundings, warm enough with the sun shining on the roof, and a strange selection of war-time classics emanating from a speaker in the corner.
The gentle pace continued after lunch through Hermitage and Glanvilles Wooton and on to King’s Stag where the group split to ride home.

Mary Emerson Reed



Third Annual Meeting of

Blackmore Vale Cycling Club

(Sociable Leisure Cycling)

Sunday October 21st 2018 at Marnhull Methodist Hall

Hall open from 12.15 – Annual Meeting 1.00pm

We suggest you bring a picnic. Tea, coffee available



  1. Welcome and Apologies
  2. Minutes of 2017 Annual Meeting any matters arising
  3. Secretary’s Report
  4. Treasurer’s Report
  5. Rides Review
  6. Website and Membership
  7. Confirmation of Committee: Ride Organiser, Webmaster, Treasurer, Secretary, Chairman and any other roles as necessary, to join the Committee.
  8. Plans for a holiday and social events.
  9. Anything else?


Blackmore Vale Cycling Club

Annual Meeting Minutes

Saturday 14 October 2017

East Stour Village Hall


  1. Paul welcomed 18 members. There were apologies from Richard N, Martin, Jackie, Caroline, Ken, Norman H, John S, Ben, Mike A, and Lorraine.
  2. Minutes of the last meeting were agreed and no matters arising.
  3. Jill read the Secretary’s Report.
  4. Mary handed out the Treasurers Report and explained the finance position.
  5. Weekend Cycle Ride Day. Charlie outlined his reasoned view for changing the riding day to Saturday. Following a discussion, including a suggestion that if Saturday rides were approved there would be an informal Sunday Ride available with a nominated starting place. A vote was taken which was inconclusive. Paul as Chairman suggested opening the decision to other members not present. Jill to prepare a message for all members to help decide on the way forward.
  6. Dave reported on the Website which was operating well and had encouraged new members. He explained the process to register on the website as members, so all records were kept in one place. Jill asked for confirmation of the list of contact details and phone numbers to be available for printed versions, to be carried by Leaders.
  7. The Committee were confirmed as previously: Chairman – Paul, Treasurer – Mary, Secretary – Jill, Ride Organiser – Charlie, Webmaster – Dave, plus Roger and Martin as Committee members. The suggestion was made that all in post would welcome other Club members to think about taking on a role next year, as new ideas are always welcome.
  8. Holiday 2018. Roger explained that finding good cycling areas with reasonable priced accommodation without travelling too far, was a challenge. He suggested perhaps revisiting one of our previous areas and was currently looking at the northern part of the Cotswolds. Mary was willing to look for a venue for a Club meal in the New Year.
  9. Ed and Alison kindly offered to have a Club morning at their home on Tuesday 5th December. We may have other social events in the future.
  10. Mary thought it would be a good idea to have some business cards printed to give to prospective members. Club Logo – Dave to forward Nigel the logo to see if he can “tidy it up”. Charlie brought the meetings notice to an excellent back light – originally found by Jenny, and now used by other Club members. 
  11. Jill Kieran, Secretary
  12. Thanks were given to Paula and Sally for opening the hall, organising the delicious refreshments and generally looking after us all so well.

Ride Report – Stalbridge to Ryme Intrinseca

Saturday 29 September 2018

The Tale of the Reluctant Ride Leader’s journey to Ryme Intrinseca

4 degrees on the porch thermometer at 9.30, as Roger, coughing, spluttering and riding very slowly, left with me for Saturday’s ride start. 11 riders met for coffee in the sunny conservatory at Dikes, comfortably seated round a large table. Immediately Roger announced he was too poorly to lead the ride and he waved a demarcated copy of the OS map required for the ride. Silence. The sheet was passed to few people who didn’t know the lanes. Like a plague infected papyrus scroll the item passed further round the group. Cursory glances, as it was passed on. No one wanted to lead. So, as most of the riders well know, as I kept reminding them, I, who had not ridden a bike for 4 weeks, felt obliged to lead.

Roger was so poorly he couldn’t even manage Lorraine’s phone camera to take the customary photo, and he struggled off home.
The sun was out, warming up the few bare knees on show and I announced if anyone went beyond the leader, it was their own responsibility. By the time we reached Glanvilles Wooton several riders had erred, several times, and I just kept leading on Roger’s route, ignoring the misdemeanours.

Road Closed signs greeted us at the junction with the A352 and the Hermitage road. Ron said it was only at the end, so we pedalled on. By now the morning was beautiful, definitely time to remove layers, and distant views were opening up in the still green lanes. Some muck spreading fumes, with quite a lot on the road to chicane through, but generally a pleasant ride so far. Some gentlemen needed to stop, luckily at the top of the odd hill, giving the rest time to chat, take off more layers, or make jocular remarks. Ron went home somewhere, and the rest on to lunch at Hamish’s.

Good choice of food, pretty cloth on the table so a convivial lunch.

The return journey began minus Ben, who found my ride very slow and went off to “get the miles in”. Before leaving though he saw the route was via Lillington Hill, and mentioned “it is lumpy”. Well it was. We rode through Beer Hackett, very pretty, then up, up and down, then up some more. The view at the top was well worth the photos, especially to the distant blue ridge above the Piddle Valley and across to Cerne Abbas, with Batcombe Hill lurking in the nearer distance. By the time we crossed the A3030 above Sherborne, Mike had gone on ahead and some legs were tiring. A deviation from Roger’s final two hills was democratically offered – to retorts of “just make a decision”, so I did.

The last few rolling lanes brought back memories of the old days when we used to return from the now gone Milborne Port Garden Centre, via Goat Hill.
A last struggle up to Stalbridge, now bathed in sunshine, finished my duties.

Riders today were: Charlie, Mike A, Mike P, Mary, Lorraine, Ron, Ben, Jackie, Martin and me.

Just over 43 miles was ok for a lapsed cyclist, who has to lead again in a fortnight – I might be ill, coughing and spluttering by then……
Jill Halton


Upcoming Events

  1. Coffee Stop – Stourhead

    17 September @ 10:30 am - 11:30 am
  2. Jill’s Jaunt

    18 September @ 9:30 am - 2:00 pm
  3. Weekend Ride – Sturminster Newton to Wareham

    21 September @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
  4. Sunday Saunter

    22 September @ 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
  5. Coffee Stop – Spire Hill

    24 September @ 10:30 am - 11:30 am
  6. Ron’s Reprise

    25 September @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
  7. Weekend Ride – Stalbridge to Tolpuddle

    28 September @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
  8. Sunday Saunter

    29 September @ 10:00 am - 2:00 pm