Blackmore Vale Cycling Club


Ride Report – Stalbridge to Cattistock

Saturday 11 May 2019

Twelve  riders turned up at Dikes on this glorious sunny morning :- Jackie and Martin, Jill and Roger, Mary, Richard N, Ron, David WM, Ben, Caroline and Jenny – plus the scribe of course.

All but Jenny intended going to the lunch spot – she had already swum 1000 lengths of Port Regis’s pool and had just taken part in the 10 mile Park Run at Henstridge, so she was just stopping by for a quick snack before playing 36 holes of golf and finishing off the day with a 3 hour session of Basketball. Will this girl ever stop

  • Great to have 4 ladies out today!
  • Caroline was testing a new purple saddle lent to her by Off Camber Bike Shop
  • The tried and tested morning route was taken – Bishops Caundle, Leigh, Chetnole and Frome St Quintin
  • With no delays and a following wind, we arrived in Cattistock at 12.15
  • The second half of the Rhodes ensemble (Ken) arrived 45 minutes late as usual – he received a standing ovation – Mr Predictable
  • A shortage of main courses for the 11 riders was eventually sorted out by Lucy.
  • A big split occurred after lunch with 4 riders returning by the outgoing route – Roger, Jill, Jackie and Richard.
  • There were 6 takers for the hilly ride home – with Ben planning to ride straight back to Yeovil – prior commitments.
  • The 3 steep hills lived up to their reputation, the 6 of us fragmenting on each climb then regrouping at the summits.
  • Ken had dearly wanted to ride this hilly section – while Caroline drove the car home to meet her lonely 3 pooches!

No punctures or ‘interesting’ mishaps occurred today, but the following points are worth a mention.

  • So good to see Roger back in action – the first time he has made it to a lunch spot this year – long may the improvement continue.
  • Once again – 4 lovely lady riders with us – long may this also continue.
  • For David WM and Ken, the 3 climbs on the return journey were their maiden attempts and will be remembered with respect. (heavy breathing confirms this)
  • David WM proved he was human – suffering towards the end of the ride at Stalbridge – and he still had to make his way home to Shaftesbury. Along with Mary, he would surely have completed about 70 hard miles today!!
  • Ron did an excellent job as a sheep dog – rounding up the stragglers at the back and pointing them in the right direction.
  • Jill kept a lower profile today – it was quieter!
  • Our newest ride leader Caroline gave the purple saddle the thumbs up – but only completed half the ride – is this enough?
  • Martin was having a better day up the hills in spite of his Saturdays away with house sitting and helping out at the London Marathon!
  • Mary once again got the ‘Queen of the Mountain’ award.
  • A grand total of 4 Van Nicholas titanium bikes were in evidence today – is this a record?

It was sunny but cool today – we’re still looking forward to some more EASTER type weather!
Only one month to go to the Club Holiday – yippee!

That’s enough……..Charlie Porter

Ride Report – Gillingham to Longleat/Frome

Saturday 4 May 2019

The Horse & Doom/Groom Ride

Mistake number one-left home in shorts. Boy that wind was lazy. Yep, rather go through you than round you. Made it to Orchard Park far too early but soon joined by Chairman Paul with a cold. Much more of that weather and he will have a double one. Also Charles, Mike A, Richard N, Jill & Roger, Lorraine, Ben and Mary. Paul returned home and Roger left us at Stourhead leaving eight brave/silly folk.
We went through Gill, Up Hardings Lane past the Riversmeet sport centre then took a footpath to Bay then on to Milton-on-Stour, Wolverton then into a mighty headwind across Zeals Airfield. The (only slightly) faster ones pressed ahead for a longer route whilst Richard took the two ladies on a shorter route. He’s got a way with the girls that Richard, bet he offered them out of date Mars Bars!
So whilst they went via Horningsham I think, ‘tothers went past Shearwater, turned left for Potters Hill, through the woods to the Longleat road then on to the main road for a mile before turning left for the Safari Park. Charlie became worried about becoming tonight’s lion’s supper but we assured him he was really far too tough for them. On to tiny villages before turning down possibly the narrowest, pot holiest, posterior numbingest lane in Wiltsh-no-the world! This brought us past some lovely woods before arriving at our lunch pub. Here it all fell apart when Jill warned that food would be ages coming as only the landlady was there and quite a few customers. We waited for at least 30 minutes before deciding that Sainsburys, Frome was the best option. Of course Richard knew a short cut and the food was excellent. Again Richard knew the best way home so we cycled almost to Trudoxhill before turning for Gare Hill. Of course the wind was with us now and the top section was soon climbed. Apologies here to Lorraine and Richard for not waiting for them at the top and congratulations Lorraine for undertaking what was quite a hard ride.

About 40 miles for us, thanks for the company and oh, maybe the Horse & Doom was a blessing as I had a ride from Alfred’s Tower to Penselwood had there been time- so next time!!

Ed Highnam

Ride Report – Shillingstone to Pamphill

Saturday 27 April 2019

It was depressing midweek to look at the weather forecast and see that Storm Hannah with high winds and rain was due to arrive during the ride on Saturday. So it was of some relief to see the forecast on Friday evening was predicting winds up to 47mph but little or no rain.  On leaving the house on Saturday morning and initially tuning west on my ride to Shillingstone the strength of the wind foretold a very hard ride to come. I was therefore quite surprised to follow Roger into Shillingstone Station and find Ron, Ben, Charlie, Ed and Paul already there, although it was obvious that Paul would not be partaking, as he was dressed in his country wear with a dog in tow. Once we were sat down for coffee we were joined by Jill and Jenny on her way back from a park run in Blandford.

We set off from Shillingstone with Roger, Jill and Jenny finding a variety of excuses  for not joining the ride, so Ron, Ben. Charlie, Ed and I headed to Child Okeford and on to Iwerne Minster.  We then climbed Tower Hill to the top of the ridge and down into the Tarrants taking advantage of the wind on our backs.  As we turned west towards Tarrant Rawston we almost came to full stop as we felt the full force of the 45mph wind which only abated when we turned up the hill to Tarrant Rushton.

As this was not my first time leading a ride to Pamphill I decided to save myself from being berated  for taking the cross country route along some flint covered tracks, so we took the longer route via Witchampton and Wimborne.

We arrived at a busy Pamphill café to luckily find the only 5 seater table in the place free (you can’t book on Saturdays) and ordered a selection of somewhat pricey food and drinks.  The service was quick and the food was excellent setting us up for what we knew was going to be a hard ride home.

We set off towards Shapwick with little protection from the hedges and riding into the full force of the wind. This continued with little respite all the way to Blandford where we picked up the trailway which initially gave us some protection from the wind.  We then had to negotiate the exposed part of the trailway towards Durweston which proved very hard going but partly alleviated but putting Electric Ron in front as a wind break.  We finally arrived back a Shillingstone where Ron left us and the remainder of us stopped for a well-earned drink.

Ben departed for what must have been a very tough ride straight into the west wind all the way back to Yeovil, while Charlie. Ed and I decided to stay on the trailway to get some protection from the wind as far as Hammoon.  Then on to Manston where we experienced a quick rain shower and turning north for home with the wind on our side at last.

I rode 100.1km (62.2miles) and it was very hard work.

Dave Matten

Ride Report – Gillingham to Nunney

Saturday 20 April 2019

Jackie and I were the first to arrive at Orchard Park on a bright sunny morning. The temperature was predicted to be in the 20s so it was the first ride out in shorts! Slowly riders started arriving and by the time we were ready to go there were 12 of us. Myself and Jackie, Richard N, Lorraine, Ken, Charlie, Mike P, Mike A, Alan, Ben, Doctor Dave and newcomer Keith Clements. We set off down Cole Street Lane and then Eccliffe and made our way up to the Ridge and out to the B3081. Under the A303 and continuing on the B3081 to Charlton Musgrove where we turned right and made our way up to South Brewham and North Brewham where Keith left us to go home to Wincanton and look after his dogs. The rest of us made our way to Upton Noble then down to Witham Friary and then the climb up through Trudoxhill to Nunney Catch where the riders who hadn’t brought  a packed lunch bought Sandwiches and cold drinks from the Service Station on the main road. We then went down the hill to Nunney Castle where we ate our lunches by the river. As it turned out the café wasn’t very busy and we could have eaten there but it was such a lovely day a picnic by the river was ideal.

After our lunch and take away coffees from the café we went back a short way up the hill before turning off onto Ridgeway lane and up Berry hill to the main road. Straight across and along a lovely lane before we started the long climb up Gare Hill where we regrouped then made our way to Stourhead for tea and cake (or Ice cream for some of us). From here we split up and went our separate ways home.

As you can tell it was quite an uneventful ride with no incidents or mechanicals and no-one got lost. Nonetheless it was very enjoyable and some of the views of the beautiful English countryside were fantastic. Thanks to all who came on such a lovely day. From East Stour it was a 46 mile round trip for others a lot more.

Martin Fortis

Ride Report – Stalbridge to Ryme Intinseca

Saturday 13 April 2019

Ok, I know it is a Cycling Club, however anyone lucky enough to lead a ride in April will be blessed with a botanical bonanza which must not be ignored. I will describe the specimens as we relive the ride.

First, so many bikes outside Dikes I panicked – not enough lunch spaces booked. It was fine, most were only as Charlie names them “Clingons”. Caroline, Roger, Jenny, Mary and Keith were not lunching with us, off to do other exciting things….So for cycling company I had Richard, Dave M, Paul, Ron, David WM, Ben and Charlie with Peter and Nicky meeting us on the road.
Out through the Caundles my back marker Paul made a knowing comment – he told me the only rider behind him was the leader – I had made a premature left turn down a farm track, while discussing planning matters with Dave – reminder to self, if you are leading: concentrate!

Entertainment was provided as we travelled towards Glanvilles Wootton, with a succession of old MGs on a rally, roaring past us, the occupants all squashed into their tiny cockpits wearing fat leather and sheepskin hats and coats. They needed them, it was a cold east wind blowing us along, a tailwind we noted.

Just before Hermitage and the A352 junction, there outside the bus shelter two familiar bicycles, Peter and Nicky ready to join us. Once a cross the road the nature study lesson was about to begin. By now all the usual suspects for April had been spotted frequently: primroses in clumps, scattered celandines, bountiful bluebells as well as greening hedgerows and blackthorn blossom. As we approached Chetnole I was prepared, I knew from previous spring rides that the pyramidal purple orchids might be out on a bank near the village boundary, yes not disappointed, photographed and admired, I then had to catch up my group. Only to be distracted by wood anemones and even violets!

Once I found my cyclists we carried on through Hamlet, onto the outskirts of Ryme, thence to Hamish’s. Excellent all day breakfasts, soup and egg dishes consumed, Richard of course had pudding with custard…While we were there such a lovely surprise, Mike Phillips had ridden out to meet us, a delight to see him on his bike looking great. After lunch the depleted group set off east, into the headwind. I had thought of diverting through Leigh, in my unfit condition, to avoid the drag and sharp hill onto Bailey Ridge. No my friend Charlie said “It is only a hill, think of your fitness and the benefit…..” so I struggled up, hoping he will be right. Next my plan was to return via the lanes towards Folke to see swathes of bluebells in the woods, luckily not vetoed by fellow riders, however very few bluebells out yet, only banks of wild garlic leaves instead. Over through Alweston lanes, right up the hill towards Stourton Caundle, with more wood anemones and violets we arrived back at Stalbridge. When I reached home it was 45 miles, enough on a cold slightly sunny day. Thanks to those who came, and remember, look out for orchids on your next ride!

Jill Halton


Saturday 6 April 2019

There were 11 of us at Stourhead for coffee, and to my surprise they all (apart from Ron) planned to cycle to lunch in Boyton. The usual BVCC regulars were joined by Sarah and Rodney from GDW etc.

Lorraine and Richard planned a cunning route to reduce the distance to lunch by ten miles -this involved a short stretch of the A303 and three miles of deserted but tarmacked farm track. The rest of us headed off to East Knoyle where we had arranged to meet Roger who was waiting at the shop with his friend Mike who also joined us.

At Tisbury Ron turned for home (Tour of Flanders on TV?) and Charlie, who wasn’t feeling 100% joined him.

We followed the Nadder Valley through to Teffont Evias and Magna then took on the climb over Wylye Down and a 40 mph descent into the Wylye Valley, not forgetting the “level” crossing at the bottom!

Eventually we arrived at the Ginger Piggery, 5 minutes before my ETA, Richard and Lorraine we sitting at our reserved table already half way through their lunch and it wasn’t long before we had all been served.

The route back to Stourhead was much flatter and shorter and benefited from a tail wind.  Just past Kilmington we came across a cyclist sitting on the verge, she wasn’t hurt but had suffered a “funny turn” and her friend was attempting to find a phone signal to call for help. We stopped to see if we could be of assistance, Peter was able to find them a map for reassurance and (Ex GP) David was able to offer his expertise. In fact David offered to stay with the couple until help arrived as his car was at Stourhead, and ended up transporting her bike back to Frome. Well done David.

At Stourhead we went our separate ways, Ed rushing back to watch the Grand National, Nicky and Peter helping Lorraine put her bike in her car before cycling to their car in Wincanton and the final contingent aiming for Shaftesbury and places on route.

Thanks to all who joined me on a rather cold but dry ride.

Mary Emerson=Reed


Weekend Ride Report – Wincanton to Witham Friary

Saturday 30 March 2019

Meeting at me at Cale Park, Wincanton were Jill Halton, Lorraine Williams, Ron Cheeseman, Dave Matten, John Crossman and Charlie Porter.  Our route was Shepton Montague and Cole where we turned onto a lane with a ‘Road Closed’ notice.  The road certainly was closed by a large fallen tree, even little Ron could not get underneath the tree so there was no chance for the taller people.  Just after Bruton Lorraine stopped to take a picture of a sign ‘Potholes’ on a side road’.  Soon we all stopped to look across the railway to the earth embankment of the Bruton flood defence scheme.  We continued via North Brewham to Witham Friary where we ate our sandwiches in the sunshine and warmth of the sheltered garden of the pub.  Tea cost just £1 each.   After lunch it was up to Yarnfield Gate and a walk on the steeper part for some of us.  Jill, Lorraine, John and Charlie came with me via Alfred’s Tower and Charlton Musgrove for tea, hot cross buns and in date Mars Bars at the Nicholl residence.  This was a short ride on a very nice day after the mist cleared.  Spring is here.

Richard Nicholl

Ride Report – Sherborne to Merriott

Saturday 23 March 2019

The first ride post Spring Equinox saw 15 members and friends for coffee at Castle Gardens. Plans made for the day Lorraine, Jackie, Martin F, Dave and Keith electing to ride North and East.

Mary, Richard, Ron, Charlie, Phil, John B and the Martins T and B to join Nicky and Peter travelling West to Merriott  and the opportunity to view Merriott’s take on the Shroud of Turin.

No punctures no mechanical and no one really lost. 20 miles saw us at The Feed Station back on schedule. A mix up over table bookings was soon sorted; a welcome from Bob the Boiler Man, a chance to join a birthday party. An enjoyable lunch was taken amongst the assembled cycling relics and memorabilia. The relics in question do not refer to BVCC members. On the South wall hangs a collection of various Club cycling tops. There amongst its contemporaries hangs a BVCC top. Who’s? A chance to start a legend!

A Toast,  Absent Friends!

The proprietors had kindly provided an OS wall map on which Richard was pleased to plot his journey back to the top right hand corner with the aid of magnetic pointers. The main bunch was heading east to enjoy the views from Coker Ridge, good even on a grey day.

Onto Hamish for afternoon tea, we had done10 miles after all, CTC rules. Ron was halfway to Yetminster before missing us and returning.

The group finally split at Bishops Down, the leaders returning to Sherborne, the mile eaters continued to the East.

Thank you all for your support, a grand day out. We note that the ride has been described as Social on Strava and that is exactly what we hoped.

42 miles 2,640 ft of climbing

Peter and Nicky Vaughan


Weekend Ride – Stalbridge to Ibberton

Saturday 16 March 2019

Fearless Five Fight the Force Forty Five mph winds, led by Roger.

Roger was recovering from a lingering cold, anticipating an early return home when we arrived at Dikes in Stalbridge. Within a few minutes it was evident this would be a less well attended ride. Ed, Charlie, Mary, Jill and our leader.

We set off the classic way, floundering in the gusty bouts of wind, towards Stourton Caundle but the first diversion our leader took was down towards Goat Hill, a sharp bend and up again. A long grind up Holt Hill with a cross wind for company brought us eventually to cross the A3030 at Bishops Caundle. The wind still knocking us sideways, we ploughed on to Glanvilles Wootton, admiring the topiary Scottie dog with its pup on the verge. Crossing the Dorchester road through the lanes to Mappowder, the wind was now behind and wooooo we sped along the lane, doubled back with side wind again up to Park Gate and on to Droop. We felt a little droopy by now, constantly battered and blown beside gateway gaps, and I certainly began to wonder why I was there….However, not much further and another swoop into Ibberton.

A special side room with the table laid for 8 – 10 had been allocated, the beer was tasty and not pricey and an excellent menu – especially for cyclists, meant lunch was cheerful and satisfying. Sorry for those who missed it – do go it was excellent. Mary enquired about the ancient door into the bar – listed apparently, and the old part of the pub is over 500 years old!
Now the fun started, a little rise through Belchalwell Street, and a glorious tail wind propelled us furiously down to Okeford Fitzpaine. I was doing 32 mph and Mary well ahead of me….never has my speedometer been consistently over 20 mph for so long! Another roll round and down to Shillingstone, on to Child Okeford, Farrington and eventually the Orchards and Manston. Twisty roads and lanes briefly exposed us to side winds but we were rolling by now!

Mary left for Todber and home as the now fearless four battled back into the wind to Marnhull.

Forty miles, not the highest mileage, however it was hard earned, quite a lot enjoyed, especially the golden PRs for Strava in the tail winds, and best of all, our leader did it all, from the front – Hurrah, he’s better.

Jill Halton’s version of the day.

Weekend Ride – Child Okeford to Tarrant Monkton

Saturday 9 March 2019

So what do I know?!  Ken and I set off for Child Okeford happy in the assumption that the forecast wind of up to 40mph would have put off most sensible riders.  Wrong!  19 people turned up at the Gold Hill café – and for future gatherings, they open at 10am and NOT before.  Thanks to Mike A for generously having the puncture 2 miles short of the café which meant there were no more on the rest of the ride!  I rang the pub with 15 for lunch which was more than anticipated but they said they would ‘sort us out’.

Roger went home to nurse his ongoing cold leaving myself, Ken, Dave, Lorraine, Mary, Jenny, Charlie, Jill, Ron, Richard, Jackie, Martin, Doc David, Ed, Paul, Ben, Mike A and Mike P.
We went to the Trailway and rode to Stourpaine, except Mike P who kept to the road. This was my first experience of riding the Trailway which offers a safe route to Blandford.  We rode up through the grounds of Bryanston School – launching ourselves off their abundance of sleeping policemen.  Paul had previously mentioned that it is of course private land, so as I ring bells at the school church, I thought I’d pull a few strings…..well, ropes, obviously(!) and actually got permission.  In the event, not a security man to be seen!

We crossed the meadows behind the brewery – I slightly missed the track as my mind was taken up with concern for Ben whom I thought was going to lose his head on the height restriction bar – which he sensibly routed around!  Onto Langton Long and then the Tarrant valley where Ron departed for home.  Keeping count of a group which exceeds the number of fingers and thumbs is even harder when I forget to include the leader…..Note to self!

Groans then cheers when some realised that we weren’t taking the hill to Witchampton – all except Richard who continued up it to lunch with friends in Gussage All Saints.
At the pub Ken left in the car which we had pre-positioned as he was providing lunch for his son who had been running the Larmer Tree half marathon.  The Langton Arms proved to be a good lunch stop and we were accommodated in the bar.  Soup and baguettes were the main choices and all agreed the food was good quality although the beef baguettes took a while to come – obviously Tarrant cattle are hard to lasso!

Remember that hill we didn’t take?  Well we did after lunch and went via Witchampton and Moor Crichel to the Gussage valley and up to Farnham on some small quiet roads, and a mere splash of a ford.  Approaching Farnham the whole peloton was stopped in its tracks…by a shed driving down the single track road.  Not something you see every day and disappointingly not Ken arriving with the tea and cakes!

Having been lucky with a tailwind for most of the ride, we finally encountered it en-route to Ashmore.  Thanks (again) to Mike A for breaking wind ahead of me….I believe that’s the correct term?

The final drag up from Ashmore was pretty cruel, but when returning from the east there are few choices.  Down Fontmell Hill to our house must be one of the roughest roads to ride, nearly warranting a dental appointment!

We all shoe-horned into the kitchen for a tea and cake injection before folk headed for home.  Ken ran a Fontmell to Child Okeford taxi service for Lorraine who had left her car at the café, but did really well not to bail out at lunch and Paul who has been nursing a bad ankle.  Not satisfied with the cycle ride, Jenny started the day with a Park Run and left to go swimming….Phew!

Thanks to all for coming along and for my ‘Virgin Lead’ certificate.

I’m off for a lie down in a quiet, darkened room……

Caroline Rhodes

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