Ride Report – Stourhead to not Tilshead but East Stour

Saturday 29 February 2020

Massive warnings!! Storm Jorge on the way, man the Ark, batten the hatches then tell Mary the ride is canceled. Wrong – Charlie calls to insist that he, Mike P, Ben & Ron were going to Stourhead so I donned my duck-shaped water wings and set off only to meet Ron en route. We tried Fifehead but the tide was well in so went via East Stour, through floods to Ecliffe and Milton to meet the Boys.

After a cuppa it was decided to ride back for an early lunch at The Udder Restaurant (proper posh now) . On turning under the Viaduct for Ecliffe the road was totally flooded so back we went via Gillingham and Hunger Hill.

Although the ride was listed for lunch at Tilshead I actually intended going to the closer Chitterne pub but found it to have closed so had reverted to Tilshead

About 22miles, too much climbing and 5.3452m of floods though as my solar powered, ergonometric, artificial intelligent GPS device was waterlogged. Better luck next time.

Ed Highnam


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