Ride Report – Gillingham to Sherborne


Saturday 25 January 2020

Jackie and I arrived at Orchard Park along with Dave M at 09.50. By 10.15 I was starting to get worried as no-one else had turned up! The weather wasn’t an excuse as it was dry and not too cold perhaps it was me? Anyway by the time we were ready to set off the numbers were up to 11:- Myself, Jackie, Dave M, Paul N, Charlie, Mike A, Electric Alan, Electric Ron, Ben, Mary and Doctor Dave.

After the group photo we set off down Cole Street Lane and past my old house to Eccliffe Mill under the Viaduct and up the first of many climbs. Along the ridge down Fifehead hill to factory farm where we seemed to have got strung out so we waited and waited then turned back to check if anyone had a problem. It turned out to be just a comfort break so we carried on to Stalbridge (more climbs) then down the hill and left towards Stourton Caundle. At the crossroads we turned right and after a short while should have turned left but unfortunately I missed the turning and we ended up in Purse Caundle so we turned left to get back to the road we should have been on. This turned out to be quite exciting as the road was covered in thick mud and there was a pheasant shoot going on either side of us. We all came through it safely without being peppered with lead and made it to Alweston where Ron left us to go back home. We then had to brave the main road into Sherborne to get to our lunch stop the White Hart pub. Nicky and Peter were already there so there were 12 of us for lunch. We had a long table in the shoe room (some extremely high heeled ladies shoes all around the walls) and the staff were very welcoming. We had a bit of a wait but all the food came out together and was very nice. Suitably replete we ventured out into the cold, Ben, Nicky and Peter set off in the opposite direction while the rest of us headed to the A30 and our route back via Oborne, Milborne Wick, Henstridge Bowden where Charlie, Mike and Paul left us, Templecombe, Buckhorn Weston, and Gillingham where we all went our separate ways. In all about 40 miles no problems and good weather what’s not to like. Thanks to all who came with me.

Martin Fortis

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