Ride Report – Sparkford to Podimore

Saturday 15 February 2020 Well, Storm Dennis lived up to expectations. As probably expected my planned ride to Podimore was cancelled after reviewing the conditions from Dikes Café at 10:30am on Saturday morning. Mary made a valiant ride from Shaftesbury to the start looking very windswept. Charlie and I had the easy short ride to […]

Ride Report – Sparkford to Westhay

Saturday 8 February 2020 Was this a club run?  At Haynes I was joined by Arthur, but only for coffee as he headed home afterwards.  Keith and his wife arrived just after 10.35 but were there to look around the museum.  Charlie and Ron had had mechanical problems and called to say they wouldn’t be […]

Ride Report – Stourhead to Boyton

Saturday 1 February 2020 Only three bikes at Stourhead when I arrived -I must have been early. Sure enough, by the time we were ready to leave there were 15 of us and only two (Jackie and Keith) were not coming on the ride. With the wind behind us and frequent patches of sunshine we […]

Ride Report – Gillingham to Sherborne

  Saturday 25 January 2020 Jackie and I arrived at Orchard Park along with Dave M at 09.50. By 10.15 I was starting to get worried as no-one else had turned up! The weather wasn’t an excuse as it was dry and not too cold perhaps it was me? Anyway by the time we were […]

Ride Report – Wincanton to Stourhead

Saturday 18 January 2020 The temperature must be more than 5C for me to leave home on the bike. So it was the car for me to Cafe Central, the freewheel competition and lunch. Some arrived late at Cafe Central because of ice and a flat car battery delayed Nicky and Peter. Also on the […]