Ride Report – Sherbourne to Ryme Intrinseca

Saturday 14 December 2019

A change from our usual week before solstice Wincanton ride the Circuit seemed well received. An early lunch would give the group a chance to return home in daylight rather than dabbling with the ducks in the gathering gloom and mire of Milborne Wick.

The forecast, blustery winds from the south west, proved correct. The heavy showers did indeed clear after 10.30, although the rain on the Castle Garden’s conservatory roof during coffee did little to inspire confidence.

Present for coffee were Mary, Charlie and his Christmas hat, Mike P and Keith all having travelled from the East against the wind, Ben riding from the west benefiting from the breeze.

Six set off on the ride leaving Sherborne west on NCN 26. Electrically assisted Keith heading east may have regenerated enough power to arrive home with a fully charged battery. Those on the ride would not benefit from the south westerly until turning at the end of Coker Ridge, from where it was plain sailing. The views from the Ridge and Pen Hill were enjoyed the sunken lanes around the Coker’s intrigued.

On route to lunch at Hamish it was noted that the geese at Goose Slade Farm were very, very quiet. Friday 13th had come and gone. Had these geese voted for Christmas? No!! It was the turkeys!! Probably aided by the Milborne Wick ducks!! Floating Voters? Ah well!! That’s democracy.

Arriving on schedule it was good to see Roger guarding our reserved table. Hamish provided a very enjoyable lunch, up to their usual high standards.

Now all that remained was a ride down wind in the winter sunshine. A good day with no mechanicals or puncture just one or two hills and a few puddles. Thanks to those who joined us on our day out.

Peter and Nicky Vaughan

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