Ride Report – Hazelbury Bryan to Dewlish


Saturday 14 September 2019

Idyllic mornings are rare, however we had one – azure blue cloudless sky, gentle heat from the sun, no wind. Sometimes cycling can be perfect, it certainly was today. The Flying geese café farmyard is made for mornings like this, coffee and delicious cakes in the sun with a view across the Blackmore Vale. Roger attracted 9 of us here for the start. Less than a mile after starting though, a car drew close by, with Ken in it – hoping to join us. A short delay to park and retrieve the bike and we were 10. Swooping down and round to Mappowder, swallows were clustering on telegraph wires, blackberries and rosehips decorating the hedges, it was such a perfect morning. Rolling up and down we went through Plush, down to Piddletrenthide, sharp left up and on to the top of the world, before the drop to Cheselbourne. Ron said cheerio, as we all continued with more up and down to lunch at Dewlish. Lunch was taken outside, good value, large portions and perfect for hungry cyclists. Conversation homed in on the latest progress of Ken and Caroline’s plane and other aeronautical subjects from G force, through model plane flying and pilot training in simulators. However it all had to end, sun cream applied, we set off on an uphill drag eventually arriving at Ansty. Here we viewed the interesting sight of about 20 Huskie dogs, complete with harness, on a Club walk with their owners – several offers to pull us up the next hill!

Next the care, friendship and loyalty of our Club was demonstrated. There had been a quiet concern brewing about Ken finding his car, so abruptly abandoned in Hazelbury Bryan, which as everyone knows is a labyrinth of lanes with tiny named hamlets. Chairman Paul nobly volunteered to accompany Ken, smirking as he knew he could avoid Roger’s next treat for us to climb up to Bulbarrow. We said goodbye and climbed – with yours truly the back marker – living up to my status. We thought it was over by the mast, but no, Roger decided a lesser known, steep downhill, veering east might be a good change, and it went up and down again of course. Panoramic views though made it all worthwhile, cycling in Dorset can be so rewarding on days like this. Eventually we swooped down, into Sturminster and said our goodbyes. Roger gave us a grand day out, 45 miles is respectable with the climbing, and some will have done more.
So thanks Roger from, Jill, Jackie, Martin, Ron, Paul, Dave, David, Charlie, Ken.

Jill Halton(for Roger Halton as he knows I like writing the report?)

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