Ride Report – Sherborne to Glastonbury

Saturday 24 August 2019

Ten riders met at Oliver’s Coffee House in Sherborne: Mary, Richard Nicholl, Major Dave, Ed, Charlie, Jill and Roger, Ron, Geoff Cook and myself.  Geoff had set off at 7.30am and ridden 30 miles from Wells, putting the rest of us to shame.

Jill and Roger left to ride back to Henstridge for the ‘Wings and Wheels’ show – closet petrolheads!!  The rest headed north via Sandford Orcas and Corton Denham to South Cadbury, then on to Sparkford, Lovington and Baltonsborough.  We thought Richard had dropped behind but he had found a shortcut somewhere around South Cadbury and appeared in front of the group on the road to South Barrow, and took some catching….

Unfortunately then Geoff informed me that he’d already ridden my route in reverse to get to Sherborne that morning.  Sorry Geoff!

We made good time and arrived at Glastonbury at around 12.45 after 26 miles from Sherborne.  The Abbey Tea Rooms was the lunch venue and was so reasonably priced that even Richard couldn’t complain, especially since he wasn’t there!

Geoff headed home from Glasto and the return trip was shorter, via Butleigh, Keinton Mandeville (eventually, after a wrong turn back to Baltonsborough), South Barrow and Sparkford, with an afternoon tea stop at Rose’s café, from where I headed home.

A hot day, 27°C forecast and it felt like it.

Ben Garside

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