Weekend Ride – Mystery Tour from Sparkford

Saturday 17 August 2019

Mike Anyan was struck down with a mystery bug and in consequence was unable to lead the mystery ride. I had offered to lead an easier paced mystery ride, Somerton being my mystery destination. It was a mystery to me why everyone considered this to be a bad idea and a greater mystery why members suggested lunch at Hamish’s, Ryme Intrinseca. It was even more of a mystery how I became ride leader to Hamish’s when I did not have O.S. map 194 with me and so the route was yet another mystery. Perhaps this explains the mystery of why I took a wrong route between Mudford and Over Compton.
Nicky telephoned the café so they could prepare for arrival of mystery customers. My pudding was no mystery, Spotted Dick and Custard.
After lunch we retraced to Yetminster and then went to our homes via mystery routes.

Richard Nicholl


For those of you not familiar with this proposed ride – Mike should have been the leader today for his Mystery Tour. Let me explain……………….

  • On Thursday, Mike rang to say that he wouldn’t be out on Saturday due to a  ‘stinking cold’ on returning from his solo 1500 mile French Connection cycling trip.
  • He asked me to sort it out – so here goes.
  • At such short notice, I (in my limited wisdom), decided to do absolutely nothing, preferring to ride to Sparkford, see who turns up, then do some decision making.
  • Now –  Richard Nichol had previously volunteered to lead a second, possibly shorter ride – once again depending on who turns up!
  • 13 bikes arrived at the Motor Museum
  • David, Jackie, Martin and Arthur Civil planned to return home after coffee and cake, due to some more important commitments than cycling – cheek!
  • Richard wanted to lead his ride to Somerton
  • Ron, Nicky, Pete, Jill, Mary, Roger, Ken, Ben and myself all preferred Hamish’s at Ryme Intrinseca.
  • Richard was over ruled – so with his arm twisted up his back, he agreed to our option – and was also reluctantly forced to lead the ride – problem solved!
  • Ben set off on his own to Hamish’s as he needed the extra miles before his Spanish hols.
  • The 8 of us finally left in sunshine with Richard, despite muttering that he had been kidnapped, played a blinder, finding some new roads and eventually depositing us at the lunch spot at 12.15
  • Excellent quisine from the huge menu was demolished in high spirits
  • Ron, Ben, Pete and Nicky disappeared homewards.
  • Richard and Ken turned north at Yetminster as Richard was escorting Ken back to Sparkford cos he had parked his 4 wheeled transport there – we won’t comment anymore about Ken’s homing instincts will we!!
  • That left the survivors – Jill, Mary, Roger and myself en route for Stalbridge, stopping at Dikes as Jill had generously offered to buy us all Smoothies  –  see photo.

So, all in all a very enjoyable days Mystery Tour – must do this sort of thing again – and thanks to you Richard the Cake for being such a good sport under pressure!!

Charlie  Porter


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