Ride Report – Stalbridge (Spire Hill) to Dorchester

Saturday 27 July 2019

Where To?  Dorchester   Start?  Thyme after Time Cafe
Full Time Players?  Ben, David, Martin, Paul,  Richard, me
Also Rans?  Roger and Ron
Unfortunately, no members of the fairer sex cycling today, but Jackie F came along with a black Labrador and offered support.
Notable absentees?  Mary was cruising on the Danube with Jackie ER.
Mike Pain was completing a 400 mile round trip to Aberystwyth
Mike Anyan is on a 2000 mile cycle trip to the South of France and back – on his own!

  • Today’s initial route via the Piddle Valley was modified to Cheselbourne. But Richard had disappeared before we set off.
  • Roger threw in the towel at Hazelbury Bryan – duties at Marnhull fete.
  • Ron turned around after Puddletown Forest. Tour de France beckons!
  • 12.15 – Arrived at the Royal Oak pub in Dorchester (it has a Witherspoon franchise) – recommended by Richard of course who actually arrived half an hour later. He had taken the initial Piddle Valley route and couldn’t believe we had ridden via Cheselbourne!
  • Moral of this is – Always depart with the ride leader who usually knows where he\she is going. Richard loses brownie points!
  • Lunchtime banter during the meal – which was delivered within 5 minutes – gravitated to a “Boris” discussion. What else?
  • Setting off north down the hill, Paul took us on a half mile off road section, a far cry from the 9 mile cycleway forced upon us by Ed Hignham a couple of weeks ago!
  • We now joined the Piddle Valley road homewards
  • At Piddletrenthide, Paul and Richard (surprisingly as he lives in Wincanton and professes not to enjoy steep hills) turned right for Plush via the 1 in 4 mountain lump at the start!  Hope they got home safely.
  • That left 4 of us who sensibly called in at Buckland Newton shop for  well earned ice creams. A lovely rest in the sun.
  • Ben turned left shortly afterwards, heading for Sherborne.
  • We three returned via Spire Hill again, Martin heading up Cox Hill to Hartgrove Farm. (Jackie and Martin’s second home)

A short 45 mile trip for myself – significantly more for the others in ideal cycling conditions. Again, no punctures or problems. It’s great when bikes perform as they should!

Thanks to everyone

Charlie Porter


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