Ride Report – Fontmell Magna to Buckland Newton

Saturday 3 August 2019

Technology is great when it works….Grrrr!  But let’s concentrate on the positives of the ride!  12 people  arrived at the tea room in Fontmell Magna and all agreed that it made for a welcoming venue.  Cake choice was a bit thin but the carrot cake was reportedly very fine indeed and the drinks were bladder-testingly large!  Paul left to try to sort his squeaking  bike….expect to see a new shiny one soon?!  Jill and Roger returned for guests.  So we set off to meet Jenny at Shillingstone and continued on along some cunningly chosen lanes and keep everyone guessing as to which way I was going to turn next.  I was a  happy bunny ‘cos my Garmin was working really well!  Biggest disappointment was that not one but both fords were dry…..Bah!  I had to put my camera away before Soggy Ron got to them!  21 miles to The Gaggle of Geese pub at Buckland Newton where the ‘Gagglefest’  had got underway and we enjoyed pizzas and barbecue fare outside whilst listening to some good folk music. It was fun! As an added bonus we met up with Peter, Nicky and Mike. So having lost 3 at the start we were back up to numbers.  But then it started falling  apart and several folk decided to make their own shorter routes home – Well done, good decision!  Could I get my trusty Garmin to load up the afternoon ride?  You guess!  7 of us continued north on a bit of a wing and a prayer (on my behalf!) and Peter, Nicky  and Mike peeled off at Boys Hill which until I got home didn’t realise was the route which I had planned.  Never mind – I had Mary and Charlie who made helpful suggestions and Ed who was ever the optimist!  We arrived at the Sweet Pea for a cup of tea in Stur  and in fact had only done about 13 miles.  Sorry Jenny and Lorraine, you could have stayed with us!  We disbanded after tea and I lost most of my fillings along the Trailway to Hammoon and then made a big mistake by taking the track which cuts out Child Okeford.   Sandy, rocky and horror of horrors for my immaculately clean bike – muddy puddles! I got nettle rash trying to dodge around the sides and my gears sounded terrible afterwards.  When I arrived home Ken asked why my front wheel was hanging on by a thread.  I  think I was lucky not to lose it!

Anyway, the weather was pleasantly cool, the company was good and thanks to all who came along.  12 to 4 was quite a high attrition rate – I’m trying not to take it personally!

Caroline Rhodes


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