Ride Report – Child Okeford to Moreton-issh

Saturday 10 August 2019

In view of the weather forecast for high winds and rain I was surprised to  find anyone at the Gold Hill Tea Room in Child Okeford. However Roger, Jill,  Martin and Jackie were waiting patiently outside for the it to open. Soon after  Charlie arrived, shortly followed by Ken and Caroline in civvies (grounded due  to high winds) and then Mary. As we were preparing to leave a large group of  cyclists turned up from Bruton. Martin and Jackie had to return home and in view  of the weather the remaining five decided to do a short loop to Hazelbury Bryan  and back via Sturminster. After fighting the strong headwind to HB it was a  relief to enjoy it on our backs as we headed north. As we passed through  Sturminster Roger announced that he would stand everyone a drink at the White  Horse in Hinton St Mary. Hastily amending my plan to go straight home, we all  sat in the pub garden hungrily watching Charlie demolish his meal . (He did  share his chips). The wind seemed to pick up again on the way home, and shortly  after I arrived the heavens opened.

The highlight of the ride for me (and for those who have had to endure it  on recent rides) was that the creak in my bike seems to have disappeared. One  day I will lead a ride that actually reaches its planned destination!
Paul Nicholson


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