Ride Report – Stalbridge to Goose Slade Farm (East Coker)

Saturday 8 June 2019

I had planned a shorter ride than usual today as the club’s annual holiday would be starting tomorrow, with a good number of our active membership taking part in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

  • 9 souls turned up at Dikes on a blustery and bright but rain threatening day.
  • Lorraine, Ed and Roger only lasted a few miles with the group before turning homewards – they obviously needed more time to fill their suitcases before tomorrow’s start!
  • So Ron, Jill, Richard N, Paul, Alex (without the company of sidekick Phil who failed to rise from his comfy bed!) plus yours truly of course, set off at 10.30 after the compulsory photo shoot.
  • Ron and Alex very kindly pushed the wind most of the way – Alex being by far the youngest member and Ron being electrified!
  • In my ‘wisdom’, I decided to change the venue to Hamish’s as it would be a massive 2 miles longer to Goose Slade Farm, plus I needed to get home earlier – to pack of course.
  • Ron’s route took us via Kings Stag, Holwell and Yetminster to Ryme Intrinseca.
  • I was taking a back seat today, playing tail end ‘Charlie’, but failed miserably – not observing Chairman Paul taking a natural break – therefore persuading the very fit Alex to turn around and escort him back to the speeding peloton.
  • The meal at Hamish’s was great as usual, with scrambled egg on toast, cooked breakfasts and chicken noodle soup being the excellent choices.
  • Slight detour on the return journey found us branching off after 2 miles – through Chetnole, Leigh, Hermitage, Glanvilles Wootton, Hollwell and then home.

All in all, a pleasant ride without mishaps, punctures or mechanical gremlins.  My low mileage was about 40, but with a 30 mph headwind on the way out, I’ll call it 50.

Eight of today’s riders will be partaking in the Welsh holiday – unfortunately, the weather forecast is dire – rain every day – ah well, we’ll just have the pleasure of good food and company, not to forget of course, a drop of the hard stuff!
Short but not sweet report  — thanks to all riders for your company.

Charlie Porter

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