Ride Report – Sherborne to Pitney Farm Cafe


Saturday 18 May 2019

Saturday morning saw 14 members and friends gather for coffee at Castle Gardens. This was way above the expected number, several apologies for absence received, including Charlie who like Jagger was said to be, “Walking the dog”.

Suitably refreshed, photo taken, last week’s man of the moment Dave M rescuer of “Woman tangled in bicycle” headed east. When Ed was ready the rest of the party rode into Sherborne accompanied by the sound of the Abbey bells, hopefully the Tinnitus will not last beyond Sunday.

Travelling west crossing the A30 to Over Compton, Mudford and Chilton Cantello, where, after far too short a guest appearance, Arthur left us. The cyclists were out this morning in twos and threes, just short of Yeovilton we met Wincanton Wheelers. Judging by the size of their group there would be no point in us stopping for cake at The Heron Café! Our destination lay further to the west.

Podimore Roundabout. Note to Richard, not the best place to “Swing the Compass” or fold the map.

Entering the Ancient Capital of Wessex it was noted that the inhabitants had done their best to preserve their Anglo Saxon language. At least, that’s how it sounded, by the advice given to Ron concerning cycling on the pavement. The pavement in question was apparently preserved for certain rites, probably celebrated on Saturday nights after leaving the chip shop.

Clear of Somerton it was time to take to the countryside. Someone suggested the sign indicated “No Through Road”. We knew it was just a “Cul de Sac” leading to Pitney’s pave tribute to The Paris Roubaix. Surely this will need a “Gravel bike”!! No, a bunch of pensioners equipped with 531 would manage.

Safe arrival at lunch saw John B, Ad and Gavin leave us for other engagements. It appeared having stress tested the tables that an agreeable lunch was had by all.

Now all that remained was a turn around Pitney Park and the familiar route through the Charlton’s to Haynes for afternoon tea. It was actually 14 miles between cafes!! By this time Garmin had had enough “low battery”. Will have to cycle faster if we are going to make it to Wales or go back to “Kellogg’s Tour Technology”!!

Time for the group to divide, Ron, Mary, Richard, Ben, and Martin B headed home, Ed, Lorraine and ride leaders to Sherborne.

In Sherborne we were welcomed by police dog handlers in the car park and a helicopter circling overhead! Was this really Sherborne?? “Crikey” Did you remember to pay at Castle Gardens?!!

Thank you all for your company, another “Grand day out”.

Peter and Nicky Vaughan

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