Air Ambulance ‘Coast to Coast’ Fundraising Event

Sunday 12th May 2019

The first thing to remember is that we were all blessed with wonderful weather. It just couldn’t have been any better. Clear skies, warm and a gentle breeze.
Team,  Heli riders , from the Blackmore Vale Cycling Club met up at just before 11am on Watchet Quay ready to begin our journey South.    Our team consisted of John P, Chris, Mike A, Nicky ,Ed, Dave M and myself.   The journey promised to be ‘lumpy’ and we were all prepared for this!

The route took us due south. We skipped the first food stop, opting for the next break which was at Taunton Rugby Club.   Free nosh was available in the form of bananas, biscuits and cake.
We were soon off again and the next stop was Ilminster. We were obviously nearer the end of the riders as there was no food left there.  Nicky had unfortunately just fallen off her bike after slipping on some diesel at the bottom of the previous hill. No lasting damage to her or her bike , thank goodness.

After that, we were into Dorset and hills loomed ahead.    Nicky had said ‘ there’s a hill coming up Jenny, I’ll wait at the top!’.  However, my concentration lapsed at that point and I missed one of the direction arrows. The team had a long wait at the top of the hill. Sorry folks

The last 10 miles was magic. The end was in sight and we were joined by the eleven milers, the shorter route cyclists, including lots of youngsters.   Our welcome into West Bay was wonderful with lots of encouraging cheering and clapping and Martin and Jackie had motor biked over to welcome us in. Thank you so much!
We were also rewarded with medals, bottled water and Kit Kats!

On Tuesday, Jill and Roger kindly hosted a coffee morning to raise further funds. A great morning with £150 raised.   Caroline and Ken have also organised an on going raffle to help funds, the prize being a flight in their, as yet, unfinished plane.  We will continue to collect money until such a time as the flight can be taken!

Right, that’s enough for now!   I thoroughly enjoyed the ride and it was an absolute pleasure to ride in the team.   The ‘egg and ketchup’ gear showed up very well and was easy to follow!

Jenny Lucas

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