Ride Report – Stalbridge to Cattistock

Saturday 11 May 2019

Twelve  riders turned up at Dikes on this glorious sunny morning :- Jackie and Martin, Jill and Roger, Mary, Richard N, Ron, David WM, Ben, Caroline and Jenny – plus the scribe of course.

All but Jenny intended going to the lunch spot – she had already swum 1000 lengths of Port Regis’s pool and had just taken part in the 10 mile Park Run at Henstridge, so she was just stopping by for a quick snack before playing 36 holes of golf and finishing off the day with a 3 hour session of Basketball. Will this girl ever stop

  • Great to have 4 ladies out today!
  • Caroline was testing a new purple saddle lent to her by Off Camber Bike Shop
  • The tried and tested morning route was taken – Bishops Caundle, Leigh, Chetnole and Frome St Quintin
  • With no delays and a following wind, we arrived in Cattistock at 12.15
  • The second half of the Rhodes ensemble (Ken) arrived 45 minutes late as usual – he received a standing ovation – Mr Predictable
  • A shortage of main courses for the 11 riders was eventually sorted out by Lucy.
  • A big split occurred after lunch with 4 riders returning by the outgoing route – Roger, Jill, Jackie and Richard.
  • There were 6 takers for the hilly ride home – with Ben planning to ride straight back to Yeovil – prior commitments.
  • The 3 steep hills lived up to their reputation, the 6 of us fragmenting on each climb then regrouping at the summits.
  • Ken had dearly wanted to ride this hilly section – while Caroline drove the car home to meet her lonely 3 pooches!

No punctures or ‘interesting’ mishaps occurred today, but the following points are worth a mention.

  • So good to see Roger back in action – the first time he has made it to a lunch spot this year – long may the improvement continue.
  • Once again – 4 lovely lady riders with us – long may this also continue.
  • For David WM and Ken, the 3 climbs on the return journey were their maiden attempts and will be remembered with respect. (heavy breathing confirms this)
  • David WM proved he was human – suffering towards the end of the ride at Stalbridge – and he still had to make his way home to Shaftesbury. Along with Mary, he would surely have completed about 70 hard miles today!!
  • Ron did an excellent job as a sheep dog – rounding up the stragglers at the back and pointing them in the right direction.
  • Jill kept a lower profile today – it was quieter!
  • Our newest ride leader Caroline gave the purple saddle the thumbs up – but only completed half the ride – is this enough?
  • Martin was having a better day up the hills in spite of his Saturdays away with house sitting and helping out at the London Marathon!
  • Mary once again got the ‘Queen of the Mountain’ award.
  • A grand total of 4 Van Nicholas titanium bikes were in evidence today – is this a record?

It was sunny but cool today – we’re still looking forward to some more EASTER type weather!
Only one month to go to the Club Holiday – yippee!

That’s enough……..Charlie Porter

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