Weekend Ride Report – Wincanton to Witham Friary

Saturday 30 March 2019

Meeting at me at Cale Park, Wincanton were Jill Halton, Lorraine Williams, Ron Cheeseman, Dave Matten, John Crossman and Charlie Porter.  Our route was Shepton Montague and Cole where we turned onto a lane with a ‘Road Closed’ notice.  The road certainly was closed by a large fallen tree, even little Ron could not get underneath the tree so there was no chance for the taller people.  Just after Bruton Lorraine stopped to take a picture of a sign ‘Potholes’ on a side road’.  Soon we all stopped to look across the railway to the earth embankment of the Bruton flood defence scheme.  We continued via North Brewham to Witham Friary where we ate our sandwiches in the sunshine and warmth of the sheltered garden of the pub.  Tea cost just £1 each.   After lunch it was up to Yarnfield Gate and a walk on the steeper part for some of us.  Jill, Lorraine, John and Charlie came with me via Alfred’s Tower and Charlton Musgrove for tea, hot cross buns and in date Mars Bars at the Nicholl residence.  This was a short ride on a very nice day after the mist cleared.  Spring is here.

Richard Nicholl

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