Saturday 6 April 2019

There were 11 of us at Stourhead for coffee, and to my surprise they all (apart from Ron) planned to cycle to lunch in Boyton. The usual BVCC regulars were joined by Sarah and Rodney from GDW etc.

Lorraine and Richard planned a cunning route to reduce the distance to lunch by ten miles -this involved a short stretch of the A303 and three miles of deserted but tarmacked farm track. The rest of us headed off to East Knoyle where we had arranged to meet Roger who was waiting at the shop with his friend Mike who also joined us.

At Tisbury Ron turned for home (Tour of Flanders on TV?) and Charlie, who wasn’t feeling 100% joined him.

We followed the Nadder Valley through to Teffont Evias and Magna then took on the climb over Wylye Down and a 40 mph descent into the Wylye Valley, not forgetting the “level” crossing at the bottom!

Eventually we arrived at the Ginger Piggery, 5 minutes before my ETA, Richard and Lorraine we sitting at our reserved table already half way through their lunch and it wasn’t long before we had all been served.

The route back to Stourhead was much flatter and shorter and benefited from a tail wind.  Just past Kilmington we came across a cyclist sitting on the verge, she wasn’t hurt but had suffered a “funny turn” and her friend was attempting to find a phone signal to call for help. We stopped to see if we could be of assistance, Peter was able to find them a map for reassurance and (Ex GP) David was able to offer his expertise. In fact David offered to stay with the couple until help arrived as his car was at Stourhead, and ended up transporting her bike back to Frome. Well done David.

At Stourhead we went our separate ways, Ed rushing back to watch the Grand National, Nicky and Peter helping Lorraine put her bike in her car before cycling to their car in Wincanton and the final contingent aiming for Shaftesbury and places on route.

Thanks to all who joined me on a rather cold but dry ride.

Mary Emerson=Reed


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