Ride Report – Stourhead to Boyton, no, Tisbury, no, Motcombe

Saturday 19 January 2019

Mary has had a lousy start to 2019.  With a bad crash on New Years Day and a very disappointing weeks skiing holiday (or not skiing as was the case), she was unable to lead her ride today as sitting on the saddle was a no-no. I volunteered to step in.

Having been confined to barracks since last Saturday, she must be ‘climbing the wall’ with frustration – she tells me that her new cycling year will hopefully start in February!   I’m sure we all wish her the best for a good recovery.

  • 4 of us drips – literally – turned up at Stourhead at 10.00, Mike A, David, Ron and me
  • It was raining heavily and cold to boot!
  • A consensus indicated that the Ginger Piggery – the original lunch venue – was not on the agenda.
  • As we were thinking of a lunch stop with a roaring fire, David suggested the Boot Inn at Tisbury – unanimous agreement.
  • Reluctantly setting off at 10.45, we splashed off through Mere heading for East Stour.
  • Ron headed for home soon afterwards so I asked David if he could suggest a lunch stop somewhere closer, as the 3 of us were still freezing!
  • Coppleridge Inn was the reply – he received a sitting ovation.
  • 15 minutes later our hero led us into the courtyard.
  • Roaring Hot radiators surrounded us in the bar area, proving ideal objects for draping our sodden coats and gloves on.
  • We were made very welcome by the staff/owners – we were the only patrons in the place.
  • Coffee and hot soup was ordered, delivered by 2 chefs after 10 minutes.
  • During the meal, we discussed the dreaded BREXIT followed by the Falklands – David and Mike have been there in a past life – I however, melted into the background!
  • Reluctantly, we departed at 1.30 – still pouring down – and headed for Gillingham, dropping off David at his front door.

So Mike and yours truly completed the last 12 miles in the dry – at last!

All in all, a ride worth forgetting due to the inclement conditions. The clubs other 40 members elected not to ride – how sensible!!

Looking forward to summer………………Charlie Porter

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