Ride Report – Marnhull to Bruton

Saturday 12 January 2019

Nineteen members and partners came for a rather chaotic start to the meet but order was restored and hopefully all were fed and watered. So good to see Lorraine and Robin who have both had medical problems. Dave M, Mike A, Charlie Woz iz Name, Ben, Ron, Keith, Mike P and me left at 10.35 going via Fifehead, Sandley where Keith left us, Charlton Musgrove, South Brewham then across to Bruton where we went to a new (to us) café The Mill on the Stream. The few customers there left as we sat down so was it envy, a café with no food, our sweaty smell or just coincidence?? The food was a bit slow, fairly pricey but tasty, especially Ron’s eggy, mushroomy, sweet onion toast-y followed by a free sample of the French owner’s quince juice.

Leaving there we peddled through town and do you know, aghh, I have yet to lead a ride without apologising and as we turned left for Pitcombe Charlie, Dave M and Mike A failed to see us turn and went on to Castle Cary cursing me, mobile phone reception and all those bloody muddy roads I insisted they enjoy. Sorry Boys. The three of us went to Shepton Montague then up a really rough lane and steep hill to Knowle Rock before coming home along the Sandley road again. No computer but I guess it was around 40 miles .

Thanks to all, get back on that bike soon Mary.

Ed Highnam

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