Ride Report – Sherborne to Wincanton (Postponed)

Saturday 8 December 2018

Texts and calls had started to arrive at 8am; strong winds, heavy rain and poor visibility forecast, apologies for absence received. A very good day for the Turbo Trainer.

The Wednesday route check had been in total contrast, blue skies as we climbed The Combe to rendezvous with Ron and his team at Chapel Cross. Coffee and cake taken, Christmas list sorted; slippers size 9 and please no more green socks.

Onto Stoney Stoke where the joint leader decided to take a tumble having failed to unclip before stopping on the adverse camber junction with the B 3081. The only damage was his pride and handle bar tapes. Dusted down and wheels back in motion it was a good day.

The roads around Stowell remarkably were clear and dry. The Milborne Wick ducks, all on the correct side of the road waddling in the right direction, were in good voice and pleased to see us (better to be a Milborne duck than a Coker goose at Christmas). Things were looking good for Saturday.

Truth to tell the Wincanton Sage had sown the seeds of doubt when he announced, at the Tuesday social evening, that he intended to travel by car on Saturday as the temperature forecast was 4 degrees. No mention of wind, rain or visibility.

You cannot win them all perhaps we will try again next year.

Seasons Greetings to you all

Peter and Nicky Vaughan

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