Ride Report – Sparkford to Westhay


Saturday 11 August 2018

The weatherman said “A weakening ridge of high pressure would travel from west to east across Somerset”, ideal conditions for a ride to The Haynes Motor Museum.
Twelve for coffee, ten to join us on the ride to Westhay and that Mecca of cycling which is Sweets Tea Room and Museum.
Usually preoccupied with coffee and cake, we wonder if anyone has taken the time to visit both Museums? The exhibits at Sweets maybe less valuable. No red Italian cars here, but an eclectic mix. We did see a red humming top!

The ridge of high pressure was well to the east by the time the riders left Haynes under gathering gloom for Glastonbury on Route 26. Apparently Richard N’s collection of O S maps do not show cycle routes!! Suitable exhibits for a museum; a great asset to anyone researching the S&D branch line, maybe the reason Richard and Robin were seen walking on the railway.
Caravan and camping enthusiasts along the north bank of The Brue seemed oblivious to our cycling by. One suspects they were oblivious to much else going on.
Passing through a gap in the hedge countryside became town, we were soon amongst tourists doing the rounds of gift and coffee shops that make up Glastonbury town centre, but our destination was further west.

Turning north from the Wedmore  road through the Godneys making good time we were too early for lunch at Double Gates so pressed on to Sweets arriving with the rain. A clue to the wait for lunch should have been signalled by the number of exotic machines hanging by their saddles, triathlon style, from the scaffold pipe rack, Mary’s pink machine was soon among them. One member was disinclined to hang his bike by the saddle having previously suffered a separation of saddle and seat post resulting in damage to already stressed parts!

Time past contemplating the array of frames hanging from the rafters, all now redundant though considerably newer than the collection of 531 tubes that had provided this mornings transport.  The best things in life are worth waiting for when the food arrived it was well up to standard. Ron and Arthur had plans for the afternoon so made their own way back. Rested and restored the group left at 2pm, the rain having slowed.

Turning south just short of Glastonbury the rain was replaced by a strong headwind, onto Street and Baltonsborough where Richard left us for home. Drizzle had become sharp showers by the time we crossed West Lydford Bridge. We were as wet as the children we had seen swimming in the river on a previous visit. Climbing up from the river we were surprised to hear the sound of leather on willow or at least the appeal from the slips, the Lydford Cricketers were still out in the middle, well it was a warm wet southerly. The rain became harder by the time we were back at Haynes. A 43 mile ride with a group of good friends, no mechanicals no one lost, thank you for your company; Roger, Jill, Mary, Charlie, Robin, Ron, Arthur, Richard, and to Alan and Melonie at the start.

Now just the ride home, but that’s another story. As forecast the evening sun was shining in Hambridge. Just like this morning Kingsbury church clock was approaching 7.30 had time stood still, the Winged Wheel above the pub door still says CTC. Happy Birthday to the CTC.

Peter and Nicky Vaughan


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