Ride Report – Stalbridge to Tolpuddle (Cheselbourne)

Saturday 30 June 2018

10 riders set off from Dikes car park in brilliant sunshine. Our route took us through Bagber and Lydlinch then on to Kings Stag and Hazelbury Bryan. Jill turned for home at this point. From here we took the road south via Ansty where Ron disappeared homeward. As the weather was so hot we decided to stop for lunch at the Rivers View pub in Cheselbourne a few miles short of our original destination. Paul chose this venue specifically, because we had stopped here on a very wet and cold day in March instead of carrying on to Moreton.

Today we all sat outside under a splendid seating area. While we were waiting for our food, Robin’s rear inner tube was changed – he had punctured in sight of the lunch spot.  The route home was via Bullbarrow Hill, Okeford Fitzpaine, then 7 of us had a further CTC stop at Paul Nicholson’s pad at 3.30 – a welcome rest as the sun was still beating down. After this, we split up east of Marnhull, 2 turning left to Stalbridge and 4 towards Gillingham.

Thanks to David, Robin, Jackie, Martin, Mike A, Paul and Caroline/Ken for company on an enjoyable but very hot ride.

A distance of 42 miles for me and only Robin’s puncture worth mentioning.

PS, Lets Start Again

PS   Let’s start again – On Friday, Ben (the planned ride leader) sent me an email stating that he would not be fit to lead cos he had been ill all week – he would however turn up at Dikes and show us his intended route to Tolpuddle.

So on Saturday morning in the brilliant sunshine – for the 10th consecutive day – 13 members arrived at Dikes café in Stalbridge. Mary was not present as she was fiddling at the Shaftesbury Fringe event. We forgave her as she managed to cover over 100 miles on Wednesday in the scorching heat. Mike P did not show up – he was probably riding 1500 miles up in Scotland or Ireland or Madagascar!

Indeed Ben was there with his map, Jackie, Martin, David, Mike A, Paul, one half of the Caroline/Ken act (see later), Robin, Jill, Roger, Ron and Ed. In the following 20 minutes, I had delegated David and Paul as joint leaders with Robin riding shotgun. The ride might have to be modified due to the heat of the day and the calibre of the remaining riders as :-  the poorly Ben was going straight home as was Roger (too hot for skin exposure) as was Ed who had plenty to do as he is the big boss organising the Shaftesbury and Gillingham Show this year.

Off we go then, 10 of us riding into the hot sun with a following wind. A fast pace was set by David and Jill at the front, whizzing along via Bagber, Lydlinch, Kings Stag and Hazelbury Bryan. Jill decided to turn left for home as she tends to collapse at elevated temperatures – even though there was no shortage of volunteers in the group willing to administer the kiss of life if required. As we carried on, I realised that Robin was not sporting his many layers of upper attire. The only garment under his club jersey was his skin! He is obviously not afraid of the heat being a native of South Africa. I should have taken a photo.

We then carried on through Higher Anstey where Ron abandoned us, family commitments et al.  That left 8 of us going up and down the hills through Melcombe Bingham, ending up just outside Cheselbourne where Robin decided to puncture. This must have been the first puncture since the last one – way back in February when Lorraine’s tyre went flat in Blandford.

We elected to stop at The Rivers Arms in Cheselbourne, a grand affair with split level seating and a large outdoor eating area complete with plastic roof, but open at four sides for ventilation. As we waited for our food, Robin’s inner tube was replaced. Now, a few words about the Caroline/Ken ride arrangement. Caroline rides the first leg to lunch while Ken drives the car to lunch and does the afternoon shift while Caroline drives home. This means that their dogs are not left at home for long periods.   Ken however has a predilection of not being able to find the lunch stop. Last week in Weymouth he had to stop at Asda and ask the way to Morrisons!  Today he was told to meet us at Rivers Arms at 12.30 but failed to show until after 1.00. But to be fair, he was smiling when he appeared – he is ALWAYS smiling. It’s great to have happy people in our club.  But can I make a suggestion – Ken does the morning shift then Caroline drives to lunch and cycles home. Problem solved.

The only negative part of the lunch was that Robin, who is fairly slim at the best of times – became completely invisible to the young bar person. It took him a good 5 minutes to attract her attention. He really needs to raise his voice above a whisper from time to time besides yelling  ‘Car Up’.

After waving Caroline goodbye, David led us back up to Bullbarrow Hill where Martin eventually took the obligatory group photo. Just outside Manston, Paul insisted we visit Chez Nicholson for further CTC (coffee, tea, cake) which we did. Plus an added extra of toasted teacakes!  We look forward to being invited again.

Still homeward in unrelenting hot sunshine, we split up east of Marnhull to return to Stalbridge and the Gillingham area.

Here endeth the second report.

Charlie Porter

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