Weekend Ride – Hazelbury Bryan to East Coker

Saturday 19 May 2018 A glorious day to go cycling or get married in Windsor…..Roger planned a meander through the lanes that bewitched us all: a real reminder of why we go cycling especially in late spring. 14 riders mostly in short sleeves, spilled out of the café garden for the photo then sped down […]

Ride Report – Shillingstone to Pamphill

Saturday 12 May 18 On a dry but chilly morning Robin and I met Lorraine, Richard N, Charlie and Mike on our route to Shillingstone Station Café to find Roger and Ron already there at the door awaiting the cafe to open.  We were shortly joined by Ed, Richard P, Tony and finally Ben before […]

Ride Report – Henstridge to Somerton

Saturday 5 May 2018 You’d think that as it’s a Bank Holiday weekend you’d be let off from having to get your homework ‘composition’ in by Sunday! But no, it’s gotta be done — Cant get wrong with the Rupert Murdoch  of the BVCC! ERGO — The day started really badly – there was a […]

Saturday Ride – Wincanton to Shepton Mallet

Saturday 28 April 2018 It was a dull cold but dry day.  We all went to the fish and chip shop and had a variety of meals, not just the Senior Citizens fish and chips.  Jill & Roger Halton, Jackie and Martin Fortis, Ben Garside, Robin Wrede and Ed Highnam joined me for the ride.  […]