Ride Report – Sherborne to Cerne Abbas

Saturday 24 March 2018


With drizzle and cloud forecast we were surprised to find anyone at Castle Gardens. Yet, Charlie and Phil were already installed when we arrived, soon to be joined by Mary, Dave, Tony, Ben and Ron. Ed like us was using the Park and Ride.

Refreshments taken, including vegetarian Easter Bunny biscuits made by Liz, it is time to go .No dissenters in this congregation, no one going home, 10 travelling to Cerne Abbas to join Jill and Roger riding direct from home.

Photo taken off we go, Thornford, Yetminster, Chetnole.This is going too well! Short of Red Ford the call goes up, “Puncture”! How many does it take to replace a tube? A chance for the Ride Leader to gain some distance!! With instruction to wait at the next junction wait he did, time passed, horses passed, a text arrived “We are on the second tube”.

You start opposite the valve and finish at the valve. Or is it the other way around? Anyhow try not to pinch the tube especially if it is one of the two that you have managed to scrounge, having left yours at home. (Care of the elderly). Maybe a cunning plan to save even more weight than the 1/11 chain set!

Back together up and over Batcombe Down to a log fire and agreeable lunch at The Giants Head Inn. It was noted that The Giant had lost a considerable amount of weight since viewed on Tuesday wearing his coat of snow.

Lunch over, decisions to be made; up to Giants Head or retrace our steps along the very quiet A352. Phil being a fit young man with afternoon commitments left right up the climb, the rest left left to Minterne Magna. At Dogberry Gate a further split ensued, social engagements taking precedence, Tony was off to dance the night away, Happy Anniversary.  This left five on the planned route to enjoy the wonderful freewheel down to Totnel Corner. Rounding Telegraph Hill Ed announced that he had left his rucksack in the pub (care of the elderly) Phone call to be made number not available, at least not from the shoulder of the aptly named Telegraph Hill. Not to worry we can try again from the milk stand on Bailey Ridge where Nicky used to collect car numbers. Success Ed’s bag is safe.

Onto Holnest, Boy’s Hill and Sandhills where Mary and Charlie turned to Holwell, for us it was onto Hunters Bridge, Folke and the Park and Ride facilities in Sherborne.

Back in Sherborne Garmin had clocked 37.75 miles, a significant distance equal to one lap of the Isle Of Man Mountain Circuit. Nicky and Peter would like to dedicate this ride to the happy memory of Phil Williams, a man of wheels, 2, 3 or 4,  always with a smile,

Nicky and Peter Vaughan

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